Movie Review: Proud Mary

Although some critics didn’t score this beautiful movie so well, I stand to be corrected because I enjoyed every bit of the movie. It was so nice to see our lovely Taraji P. Henson take on anther role besides her cool, calm and collected scripts. I feel we have gotten so used to her acting simple nice roles, as a wife, girlfriend or mum going through a lot of pain, agony and tears. It was so awesome to see her in a totally different light and fight all through from start to finish, “go Taraji”.

The movie director Babak Najafi was fantastic on this and sure didn’t make any mistake choosing Taraji for this role, I felt she was unique and distinct for the role, having a totally new and different face for this action packed movie kind of spiced it better for me. At least we weren’t seeing the usual female action stars. Taraji got a good hang of the story and her soft face connected with the role so much, that you would think it was real, as you could feel her pain. The twist to the story was also awesome, as we all thought she and the little boy were going to lose their life, but they turned out to be the last men standing, nice suspense they had there, making it quiet difficult to predict the end from at the beginning. The action and fighting scenes lasted all through the movie making it quiet difficult to get bored at any given point in time.


Taraji P. Henson who was known as “Mary” was the lead actor. She was part of a cartel who had a sector given to them, where they owned and controlled the people. They were a group of strong men, who would stop at any let to protect their territory and business. The Don of her team who was known as “Benny” picked Mary when she was little and trained her with the best of skills set and education and felt that she belonged to him and no one else. She also dated his son Tom for a while, but broke up with him and needed to move on, but to no avail. Tom still loved Mary and hoped they could come back together, but Mary was done and dusted with having him around. The whole movie started off when Mary was sent on a mission, to kill a member of the rival gang, on killing the man she found out that he had a son, she felt sorry for killing his father and kind of wanted to make up. She stalked him all day till she found him and saved him from being killed. Then she took out his uncles and the people guarding him. This was when the real war stated between the two gangs and they started killing each other one after another.


The highlight of this movie for me was when Mary needed to quit at the tail end and she was stopped by Don Benny, she took him out and everyone who wanted to stop her. The last action scene was the best, at a point it looked unrealistic how just one woman could kill everyone, but then the shooting scenes make it so much fun and for a woman to defeat us

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Cast: Taraji P.Benson, Jahi Di’Allo Winston, Danny Glover, Billy Brown, Margaret Avery, Neal McDonough

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Mystery & Suspense

Director: Babak Najafi

Ratings: R (for violence)

Written by: Christian Swegal, John Stuart Newman, Steve Antin

Runtime: 1hr 29 mins

Studio: Screen Gems

Proud Mary was really good and so I’m scoring it 7.5/10. You should see it too.

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