Share Your Best Valentine's Day Story And Gift

Whats up people? I just remembered my Valentine's day of 2004 and thought to share it with you guys. 

I woke up that morning and the day was so dry as in boring. My boyfriend wasn't around - he had travelled. 

Then [at around] 4pm things began to happen. Someone came to tell me I had a DHL delivery. It was my Val gift - a teddy bear, perfume, Chocolate Royale cake and these very cute set of Victoria secret undewear in my favorite color (pink). That has been my best Valentine's day gift till today. 

As if that wasn't good enough, I got chocolates from a secret admirer I don't know till date. And to crown the day I got to go out to dinner with my girl friends who weren't dating anyone. More like a girl night out. It's been my best Valentine's day ever. 

Please y'all share yours with me.

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