Laser Power Systems To Make Car That Could Run 100 Years With No Refuelling

A car featuring a thorium-powered engine can run 100 years with no refuelling
This car is manufactured by a company named Laser Power Systems. Because cars normally burn out long before the chemical does, the firm studied and successfully made a car with the engine powered by thorium. The carmaker used the radioactive element to build a beam of laser that heats water, producing steam and powering an energy-generating turbine.

The Thorium Car is manufactured by a company named Laser Power Systems
Car Runs For 100 Years Without Refueling

Thorium is among the densest materials on earth. A tiny bit of thorium can produce the energy that 20 million times larger than the same amount of coal can produce, which make it a great alternative energy source.

Isn't it great for fuel scarcity in Nigeria?

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