How to increase emotional intelligence for better relationships

If you need more of the emotional intelligence needed to maintain a healthy relationship, this article is for you.

In a nutshell, emotional intelligence has to do with the ability to recognize and regulate your own emotions, while putting the feelings of others into consideration while expressing those emotions.

It also involves empathy and the maintenance of an awareness of their reactions. Especially in romantic relationships, emotional intelligence better management of emotions between lovers, even if and when conflict arises.
Having said that, what’s left to add is that emotional intelligence can be developed, and if you need more of the emotional intelligence needed to maintain a balanced, healthy and conflict-free relationship, the tips below will be of great help to you.

1. Listen more than you speak

Here’s the number one rule in the book. The less you speak, the likelier it is that you will weigh your words before you utter them.
Listening to your partner properly with an intent to hear and understand what is being said enables you to process your thoughts properly and respond less rashly than you would normally do.

2. React accordingly

Be commensurate with your actions if you must react. What a partner does or says should be met with the same energy.

3. Know yourself

It is also important to know yourself, and what works for you.
During conflicts, which are quite inevitable in relationships, what to do you do? How do you handle yourself in the face of heated arguments? This is a question you need to have answers to.
Do you go for a run? Call a friend? Read a book? Write? Figure out what works best and then actually put it into practice. It’ll help you address issues with a clear head rather than saying things you do not mean in the heat of passion.

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