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Heavy duty trucks are used all over the world to haul heavy goods. In this part of the world, when we hear the word “truck” the first thing that comes to our mind is one big, noisy and dirty vehicle that causes lots of accident on our highways. Everyone who’s driving already imagine truck drivers to be those reckless and drunk guys and we must avoid them. That’s not really true, there are many comfortable trucks that are fully air-conditioned and beautiful to look at. Some of them are even more posh looking than some new cars on the streets. In this post I will be sharing some details of those beautiful trucks and their manufacturers.

10. SINOTRUCK (made in China)

Sinotruck was made very famous in Africa by the Dangote cement factories. All Dangote cement is been transported using Sinotruck made Howo trucks. The trucks are very strong and nice but the carelessness of drivers coupled with bad roads make the trucks look horrible. Dangote has a Sinotruck assembly plant in Lagos Nigeria.

9. IVECO Stralis (Made in ITALY)

Iveco trucks are very durable, strong and luxurious. They are made in Italy and are used worldwide in the haulage of goods. In Nigeria, petroleum marketers use Iveco trucks as tankers for transportation of petroleum products.

8. BHARATBENZ (Made in India)

This powerful truck is not so popular in Nigeria or Africa but widely used in Asian countries. It is owned by Daimler, the manufacturers of the luxurious Mercedes Benz cars but based in India. This truck is very strong.

7. DAF (Made in Netherlands)

The name of the company is called PACCAR Motors and they are the manufacturers of the popular DAF trucks. These trucks are widely used all over the world and very strong but expensive. Made in Netherlands, I think this is the only popular company in Netherlands after Heineken.

6. MAN DIESEL (Made in Germany)

This powerhouse is made by MAN Trucks based in Germany, these trucks are fully fitted with air-conditioners, music players etc. In Nigeria it mostly used by coca-cola to convey crates of drinks. They are very reliable just like all German automobiles.

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