Nigeria Economy Rated Best In Africa By Forbes

Hurray good news to the patriots. Here is the global rating of Nigeria economy so far so good in 2018. 

A standing ovation for the wonderful team of PMB.

Forbes rates Nigeria as 2018 best economy in Africa -

Do you agree, please present your argument with facts and figures.

Before you begin to write consider the following points.

Technically this government have liquidated all the loans she took so far. Wait before you cry foul. Nigeria total debt @ December 2014 was $67bill this converted to Naira @ N179/$ is N12Trn. However this same amount converted at current exchange rate @ N310/$ is N20Trn. Now add the 5 months salary borrowed to pay civil servants, N200bill subsidy debt and N1trn owe local contractors.

Considering the fact that current debt profile stood at N22Trn @ N310/$ is just $70bill. This is the fact the opposition doesn't want you to know and the reason they only quote Nigeria debt in Naira to deceive lazy Nigeria who cannot think on their own.

While one will forgive not so intelligent Dino, it's highly pathetic that Peter Obi also follow up on this lie.

Below you will also find Nigeria foreign reserve journey to date

Finally, talking about resources available. Comparing the first 3 years of Gej and PMB, Gej made $393bill while PMB made just $96bill. According to the link below Gej depleted foreign reserve to $29bill and PMB grew it to $45bill. You know what they both did with the resources.

Are you still not convinced, take a trip to Venezuela, or Agentina where interest rate is 60%, Greece, Zimbabwe and I'm sure how mismanaged economy look like

December 2014 debt-profile-worsens-nigerias-woes/

Example of mismanaged economy">

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