Man goes viral after sharing a note from a 'male and female' who both asked to date him and then he reveals who he choseÂ

Man goes viral after sharing a note from two friends 'male and female' who both ask to date him and then finally reveals who he choseAn American man has gone viral after he took to Twitter to share a date story of two friends, 'male and female' who developed an interest in him but have no idea of his sexual orientation.The young man, Cody Craig, 23, received a handwritten note from Tanner Forbes, 23, where he wrote that he would be open date him if he's gay, but if he's straight his female friend would like to date him instead.Taking to Twitter to share the story and how everything unfolded, Craig who works at his local mall in Salt Lake City went for Forbes, confirming that he's gay.Read his story below.

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