4 men go naked to compare penis sizes (+18 photos/video)

4 men took off all their clothes to compare penis sizes and question if 'bigger really is better'.The men, who are all strangers to each other, stripped off for a new segment called Show Me Your Junk. The aim of the show is to break down stigmas around the human body.Of the four men, two were well endowed while the other two were average-sized men.The well-endowed men, Rome and Jerrell, compared their assets with Kenneth and Nick, who are average-sized.Before they took off their robe, they spoke about their penis and even massaged it to get the blood flowing.   Nick even revealed that he won Brooklyn's 'smallest penis' contest in 2013. When asked how happy he is with his size, he replies "completely happy".He says:I've heard this question in the past, it's like asking are you upset because you're short, or are you upset because you're too tall or whatever.It's the way I am, the way I was born.That's naturally who I am and I'm fine with it. He added: Clearly I'm a grower not a shower. Rome, who is well endowed revealed he's been told he has a "big schlong", and it was at "seven-and-a-half" inches the last time he checked.  Kenneth said of his penis size:I used to hate it in High School because I remember Asian penis being the butt of most jokes.And I'm as grower not a shower. I realise how much I was torturing myself all those years. When they finally stripped, Rome complimented Kenneth, telling him he has a "sculpted body", while Kenneth replies Rome, telling him that his body hair has a "good-looking layout".  When asked what sex positions they find easier, Kenneth reveals anal is his preference.He says: "I call it anal friendly. That's how I advertise my cock."The men even went as far as giving each other's penises nicknames. Kenneth opts for 'righty', as Rome's 'curves to the right', while Rome names his 'sparky'.Despite his average sized penis, Kenneth says he wouldn't trade with Rome because he loves his sex life.   The segment is commissioned by the New York Post and has been described as, "A new series that's proof we're all just human. Strangers of different shapes and sizes get naked and have honest conversations about body image, body positivity, and body confidence."Watch the video below. 

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