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Superstar singer, Daniel Oyebanjo aka D’banj is set to launch a reality show ‘Adventures of a Kokomaster’ on YouTube.

It was gathered that D’banj, who is also known as the ‘Kokomaster’, announced the upcoming show on his Instagram page @iambangalee on Wednesday.

He said, “Adventures of the Kokomaster launches on YouTube on August 2019. Who wants to feature in it. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel.”

The show comes after he was hosted and honoured by YouTube with a silver plaque to mark his 100,000 subscribers on the platform.

The musician, entrepreneur and television personality on Monday received a ‘Silver Creator award’ from YouTube and was a panelist at the ‘YouTube Week’.

At the event, D’banj revealed some tips and tricks behind his impact in various sectors of the Nigerian economy through his multiple award-winning music career.

It was also gathered that in 2016, he launched the Creative, Reality, Entertainment, Arts and Music (CREAM) platform to support upcoming Nigerian talents.

He revealed that the ‘CREAM’ platform has generated over 15 million dollars and gathered over 3.5 million subscribers since its inception in 2016.

D’banj has won several music awards, including the awards for Best African Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2007 and Artist of the Year at the MTV Africa Music Awards in 2009.

He also won the Best International Act: Africa at the 2011 BET Awards, Best-selling African Artist at the 2014 World Music Awards and Evolution award at the 2015 MTV Africa Music awards.

A Professor of Anatomy, Oladapo Ashiru, has said that with the advent of technology, sickle cell parents could avoid giving birth to children with sickle cell anaemia.

Ashiru in an interview with newsmen, in commemoration of World’s Sickle Cell day, said it was important for everyone to know their genotypes before going into any relationship that would lead to marriage.

He said, “For those who are married and are sickle cell carriers, the danger is that they can have a child with the full blown sickle cell disease. In this age, there should be no reason why they should bring a sickler into the world because there are now technologies available to determine the genetic composition of a baby before the embryo is implanted.

“We now have infrastructure in Nigeria which can allow couples who are sickle cell carriers have a pre-conception determination of their baby to ensure they don’t have a sickle cell baby and we have done that successfully to help a lot of people who are sickle cell carriers to deliver normal children.”

Ashiru said it was key for intending couples to check their genotypes and seek counselling from medical practitioners before going ahead with their marital plan.

The World Sickle Cell Day is a United Nation’s recognised day to raise awareness of sickle cell at national and international level and it is celebrated every June 19.

A 29-year-old banker, Adeyemi Ilesanmi, has accused men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad of allegedly detaining and extorting money from him while on his way for a visa interview.

It was gathered that the police officers apprehended Ilesanmi close to the entrance to the United States Embassy on Victoria Island, Lagos, on June 10, 2019.

The officers, on realising that Ilesanmi was on his way for an interview, detained and threatened to make him miss his appointment if he did not ‘‘cooperate’’ with them.

The Ondo State indigene said he parted with a sum of N35,000, which he was made to transfer to an account given by the SARS men in order not to miss his interview.

He said, “I am based in Akure, Ondo State, and I travelled to Lagos for the purpose of the visa interview which was slated for June 10. I spent the night in Obalende and as early as 6.30am, I took a tricycle to Victoria Island. As soon as I alighted from the tricycle, I was apprehended by the SARS men.

“They were three in number and one of them asked me who I was. I identified myself by showing them my work identity card that I had on me. I also explained to them that I had an appointment at the US Embassy in the next 27 minutes.

“One of them said they were not interested in my explanation and that they wanted to check what I had with me. I obliged them but asked not to be delayed. He checked the date and time on my appointment letter and said he was going to hold on to it and make me miss my appointment if I didn’t cooperate.

“I was dragged into their van and driven to the nearest police post. I kept on reminding them that I had a visa interview and that they shouldn’t make me miss my appointment because I did not have anything incriminating on me. At some point, I had to start begging them and they said they would not release my documents until I settle them with N200,000.

“Eventually, one of them called me aside and said he knew how important the appointment was to me and that I should not jeopardise my chance at the embassy. He asked how much I had with me and I told him N2,000.”

Ilesanmi said the officers insisted that they would not collect such an amount from him, adding that he had to transfer N35,000 to an account provided by the SARS men before his documents were released to him.

He said, “The officers said they won’t collect the N2,000 from me. I had about N34,000 in my bank account and I had to call someone to send some money to me to make up for the N35,000 that they insisted on. I was forced to make a transfer of N35,000 into an account before my documents were released to me. I got to the embassy late but was still able to meet up. I had to pay so that I wouldn’t miss the interview, because I couldn’t afford to book another interview after putting in time to come to Lagos.

“I left Lagos immediately after the interview and I did not want to lodge a complaint until I had concrete evidence. I later realised that the account number I was given was that of a woman. I directed my complaint to the Police Complaint Response Unit through their online platform.”

When the Head of the Police CRU, ACP Marcus Basiran, was contacted, he replied a text message sent to his telephone thus, “You or he will be contacted soonest by the team that has been assigned the case.”

Ilesanmi, however, said when he was contacted by the unit, he was only told that the case would be looked into.

He stated, “The person who contacted me asked if I picked the name of any of the men and I told him that I was unable to pick the names on their identity cards, but I could tell that they were men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

“He told me that the only lead they had was the account number that I was made to pay into. I was told that they would work on it and flag the account. He said he would get back to me in the next two or three days.”

Billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola has announced his exit from Forte Oil. He also edited his Instagram bio to reflect the change.

Taking to his instagram page, he wrote;

'A few years ago, my team and I embarked on an arduous task of transforming a moribund petroleum marketing business, African Petroleum Plc (formerly

British Petroleum) into Forte Oil Plc; a leading integrated solutions provider with solid footprints in downstream petroleum marketing, Upstream Services and Power Generation and one in which we built intrinsic value to the benefits of our shareholders. In line with my principle of business focus, we have divested from our marketing and upstream businesses and shall from now on focus and consolidate on the gains of our power generation business, Geregu Power Plc. We wish our successors the very best and urge them to build on our legacies which have been established since 1964 🏿 ...F.Ote’

Meghan Markle has turned to her Hollywood friends for support as she struggles to adjust to life as a royal, it's claimed.

The Duchess of Sussex, 37, is said to be relying heavily on George Clooney and his wife Amal for advice, while her newfound friendship with Rihanna is also coming in handy.

Since meeting Prince Harry she's had to contend with public family feuds, a rumoured spat with Kate and William and stories about her so-called "diva" behaviour.

A source told Heat magazine: "Meghan feels that the palace's way of transitioning her from Hollywood actress to British royal did her no favours, and now she's prepared to go over their heads and speak to the people she thinks can help her best.

"You can't get much more of a publicity powerhouse than George Clooney, or, more to the point a cleverer woman than Amal."

The A-list couple are said to be giving the new mum parenting tips over dinners at the palace.

They're also brainstorming ideas with her about how to handle her relationship with Kate and which charities she should work with, it's reported.

A 2,000-strong cannabis factory growing in a derelict Bingo Hall has been uncovered by police.

The gold mine was found at The Gala Bingo building in Kettering on Friday and is thought to be worth a staggering £2.8 million.

Northamptonshire Police first became suspicious about the ex-Bingo when it started letting off a strong smell of marijuana.

A group of 25 officers armed with police dogs stormed the premises at around 10:30am to find every single corner of the hall taken up by a harvesting plant.

Pictures showed the Class B harvesters had a "sophisticated" system in place, inclusive of a hydroponic cultivation system.

Police said they would spend the day clearing the factory of the 2,000 plants, thought to be just three weeks away from distribution.

PC Colin Gray said: "This is a significant find that will disrupt organised crime groups and the distribution of cannabis locally and further afield.

"It is one of the largest I have seen even when compared to a site we found in Corby earlier this year."

No one was in the plant at the time officers raided, and no arrests have been made.

"These crime groups blight society by manufacturing and selling controlled drugs in Northamptonshire," PC Gray added.

"We will never stop trying to bring them down and this type of activity will continue."

The Central Student Disciplinary Committee, CSDC, of the University of Ibadan, UI, has meted various punishments to 22 erring students of different departments, with five of them expelled from the school and 16 others rusticated.

According to a Special Bulletin 4220 signed by the institution’s Registrar, Olubunmi O. Faluyi, the CSDS took its decision on the erring students at its meeting held on Thursday, May 9, 2019.

Those expelled, are: Ajuwon Gabriel, Yetunde Mary Agbanigo, Kehinde Samuel Aluko, Olufemi Olusegun Ogunwo and Saheed Ademola Oshodi with matriculation numbers, EO27559, EO30033, EO16154, EO23128 and EO25356.

The students from the Department of Economics were found guilty of impersonation. They were all students of Distance Learning Centre, DLC of the Premier University.

Also, from the Centre are 10 students rusticated for two semesters for examination misconduct. The affected students are: Adekemi O. Balogun, EO26918 from Communication and Language Arts, Seyi Odufuwa, EO28153 from Department of Economics; Blessing Ajeh, EO15987 from Guidance & Counselling; Lydia Usman, EO17123; Omi-Damola Oyin, EO22060; Otepola Adeniyi, EO29832; Yekini Saheed Abiodun, EO24999, all from the Department of Political Science and Rebecca Ediale, EO15163; Ogiogwa Eunice E EO37834 and Lawal Kafilat Ajibola, EO 37850, all from the Department of Social Work.

Kolajo Olajide Kazeem, EO 29368, from the Department of Economics was discharge of the examination misconduct leveled against her.

Also rusticated for two semesters for gross misconduct are regular students from the Department of Archaeology & Anthropology. The affected students are: Temidayo D. Orimoloye, 184354; Opeyemi Abon, 183966; Opeoluwa Oloundare, 184331; Olalekan S. Adejumo, 190213; Akinboade Adesomoju, 184008 and David O. Gabriel, 185843.

A very small percentage of people are born with tiny, barely visible holes above their ears.

In the UK, just under one per cent of people have them. In the US, the frequency is lower, and in Asia and parts of Africa, around four to ten per cent of people may be affected.

But they're not a sign of something weird or the symptom of a health issue, and it's actually something called preauricular sinus.

Simply put, the malformations are 'nodules, dents, or dimples' that are exposed anywhere around the external ear – specifically, where the 'face' and the ear cartilage meet.

The hereditary birth defect that was first documented by scientist Van Heusinger in 1864. Usually they're found on one side, but up to 50 per cent of people have them on both.

According to Business Insider, one evolutionary biologist, Neil Shubin, says the holes could be an "evolutionary remnant of fish gills."

But if you are part of the one per cent, there's not usually anything to worry about. They might be linked to other things, but don't tend to cause problems.

The most likely issue is for the holes to become infected, something that can be easily treated with antibiotics. However, occasionally surgery is required to remove the sinus.

So there we have it – the preauricular sinus is basically just a pre-made piercing (although you definitely should not put jewellery in one).

A worm-like sea creature which eats stones and excretes sand has been studied in detail for the first time.

The Lithoredo abatanica was discovered in 2016, but scientist have now spent time finding out about how the organisms lives and functions.

It is a thick, white creature that can grow more than a metre long, and lives in fresh water, according to Science Magazine.

It was spotted on the island of Bohol in the Phillipines and researchers had their indepth work published by the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, today.

They discovered that the Lithoredo abatanica is actually a type of shipworm.

The slippery creatures have plagued sailors for centuries by chewing up the wood in ships.

The Wood-eating shipworms use their shells, which are covered in tiny invisible teeth, to drill into the wood.

The Lithoredo abatanica is a rock-eating shipworm which has less, but slightly thicker teeth, which it uses to scrape away at the rock.

Dr J. Reuben Shipwy said: “We had a few animals in a makeshift aquarium and you could basically watch them excreting fine particles of sand out of their siphon.”

It is not known if the shipworms are extracting any nutrients from the stone or if the digestion process serves another purpose.

An Instagram model says she has quit social media after a bikini post from her travels in Bali sparked an angry backlash.

Swedish influencer Natalie Schlater posed in a white bikini overlooking a rice field under gloomy skies on the Indonesian island.

Instagram users slammed the model over her caption in the post, which compared her life to rice workers.

It read: "Thinking about how different my life is from the man picking in the rice field every morning."

Many of Natalie's 12,000 followers were left outraged, calling her post “insensitive”, “narcissistic”, “humble brag” and "one of the worst" they had ever seen - but she says she was "misunderstood".
One follower wrote: “The rice farmer is probably more content with their life though and not the status chasing like the rest of us."

Another added: “This is one of the worst I’ve ever seen."

And another wrote: “It is the epitome of the social media generation."

One posted: "This is just my thinking bikini. Or thinkini for short."
Natalie, from Stockholm, posed for the photo in Canggu, a Bali hotspot known for its surf beaches and rice paddies.

Before deleting her Instagram account, she tried to defend herself, claiming she had been "misunderstood".

She wrote: “I am very aware of my privileges and how grateful I am for all that I have in my life and I was recognising how hardworking and unbelievably kind the Indonesian people are and never meant to come off disrespectful.

“That being said I am so sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings which was never ever my intention.
“Please be kinder to one another and spread kindness and not hate.”

She told the website Bored Panda that the backlash had left her "heartbroken", and she wishes she could go back in time and write a different caption.

She added: “It breaks my heart to see this photo turned into a different light than it was originally meant to be.
“I have always loved the Indonesian people and their culture and overall attitude towards life and the people who come to visit their country.

“I worked extremely hard to save up enough money to go on that trip as I do not come from wealth as it may look like from social media."

“I completely understand that my caption can be taken wrong because of the social climate we live in today and if I could go back in time I wish I would have just worded it differently.”

The United Arab Emirates announced today that no tourist visa fees will be charged for children below 18 years who are accompanying their parents to the UAE.

The announcement was made Wednesday evening by UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Gulf News reported.

However, the visa fee waiver will only be enjoyed by the U-18s entering the emirates between July 15 and September 15 each year.


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