Is it LOVE or CHEMISTRY :) ( #FortheloveofChemistry )

Is it LOVE or CHEMISTRY J ( #FortheloveofChemistry J )

My name is ISAIAH ODEYEMI and I am a CHEMIST! 

It is the season of LOVE again. This is the period when friends and families express their love to one another through gifts, text messages, short videos, surprises etc. To some people, it’s the best moment and to others, it’s time to remember their hearts breaks and maybe not so good for them. I have been motivated to write this short note for the lovers of CHEMISTRY after seeing a number of short videos on my Instagram page tagged #BELOVED shared by Koredebello, Mr Romantic J. In almost all the videos, this particular phrase was repeated, “I don’t know why I love him so much but I just know I can’t do without him”…. Some go to the extent of trying to give reasons for this uncontrollable urge for their partners or families with no good points.

Well, …good enough you know you are in LOVE. But why? How?


I’ve got GOOD NEWS for you! :-O  

Being in love has been characterized by some basic physical symptoms; it feels like the brain is been compelled by a force and you get sweaty palms, heavy breathing, dilated pupils, slight perspiration and feel like there is a butterfly in your stomach. This great feeling can sometimes be triggered by simple eyes contact, touching of hands, listening to music and even reading a book.

Harika! ;-)

So What Is The Chemistry?
There are chemicals responsible for your feelings when you are in love. Trust me! ;)
Some of these chemicals are called “neurotransmitters” examples of which are Phenylethylamine (PEA), Dopamine and oxytocin.
Phenylethylamine, PEA(C8H11N)     
                                                                                            Oxytocin C43H66N12O12S2


(Phenylethylamine, PEA)
PEA is a primary amine, the amino group attached to the benzene ring through a 2-carbon ethyl group. It’s a colourless liquid at room temperature, soluble in water and ethanol, combines with carbon dioxide to form solid carbonate salt when exposed to air. By substituting or replacing one or more of the hydrogen atoms a series of organic compounds are obtained which can be used as psychoactive drugs such as amphetamine, hallucinogens, entactogens etc.

J J J…. Ok. Don’t get bored yet!

The whole action of love begins with the prefrontal cortex, the section of your brain that enables you to anticipate the joy of being with a particular person, even one you never met. If love is powerful enough, it could trigger some involuntary actions such as ass stammering, drooling, tripping and laughing too loud at other people’s joke. This is caused by the presence of Phenylethylamine which contributes to the feeling of being on top of the world when you are infatuated and stay up all night thinking of that person.

Dopamine is one of the chemicals released by PEA. It is a natural stimulant known as PLEASURE CHEMICAL. It makes lovers feel erotically high when they see each other. As a natural endorphin, it relaxes the body and kills pains. It stimulates ecstasy, focused attention, motivation and goal-oriented behaviour.

Oxytocin is known as the CUDDLE CHEMICAL. Also known as “Trust Hormone. It is released through the stimulation of dopamine. It makes you calmer and sensitive to feelings of others. This chemical has been said to do more than just bringing couples together but also capable of strengthening social relations and prevent a number of psychological problems. A simple hug and a handshake can trigger your brain to release a low level of oxytocin which eventually improve our relationship with the person. Oxytocin helps women get through labour more easily. It is an indispensable part of the child part and Mother-Child bond. This is probably Mothers get more compliments in this season than fathers. J J

Research conducted by a number of scientists Dr Peter Godfrey, Dr Lynette Hatherly and Emeritus Professor Ron Brown, University of Monash, announced the determination of the arrangement of atoms that make up the PEA which could help in the advanced treatment of various mental illness.
On a day like this (Valentine’s Day), many people receive chocolates as gifts. Chocolate is one of the several romantic foods in the world today simply because of its high amount of Phenylethylamine, PEA which triggers LOVE.

Okay … Just before I stop typing I want to seize the moment to tell all friends and family “I LOVE YOU”.  You are the best in the world. I wonder what this planet would have been without you and I consider myself the luckiest person on earth for having you all… HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!

J J J…. 

Odeyemi Isaiah O.

If you wish to know more about LOVE molecules, here are some useful links for you;

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