Music can’t stop me from being a neurosurgeon – Kbaby

Chukwukeayem Okoro is an 11 year- old artiste who wants to take over the music industry with her music. Fondly called Kbaby, which is also her stage name, the young lady has said her love for music will not deter her from being a neurosurgeon, which she aspires to be in future. “Music cannot affect my studies. Even if they say a man cannot serve two masters at a time, I know how to manage my music and my education. I would want to be a neurosurgeon when grow up. Being a neurosurgeon will not mean that my life would be all about the brain. Omawumi is a lawyer and also a musician. Dr. Sid is a doctor as well as an artiste. I can also be a doctor and an artiste,” she enthused. With her debut single titled, Peace, Kbaby said music comes effortlessly to her. “I started singing when I was much younger. I actually started singing when I was eight years old. I do afro pop and inspirational music. What really inspired me was my love for literature. However, if I were to read a piece of a literature book, I would rather sing it than read. I did it for years. So somebody saw me singing a literature and felt I have a talent for music and I should harness it.” Kbaby said her parents weren’t so comfortable with her going professional at first. “Initially, my mother was sceptical about it. However she decided to encourage me. Now I have so many songs.” At the moment, Kbaby has mastered the act of music and performance that she doesn’t get cowed performing on stage. “I don’t get stage fright. Each time I am on stage, I dance, I enjoy myself. I carry people along.” She also revealed who her role models are. “My role models are Fela Kuti when it comes to music and Ben Carson when it comes to neurosurgery.”

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