Little girl gives cause for concern after she was caught on camera practicing erotic scenes inside a car (video)

Twitter users are currently expressing concerns over the wellbeing of a little girl who was filmed practising erotic scenes inside a car. From the video, it appeared the little girl who was sitting at the backseat was waiting for her parents While she was seated at the back seat, she caressed and erotically kissed the headrest of the drivers seat. She also whispered ''I want you badly'' as she was caressing the car seat. Many twitter users who have seen the video believe the girl is either being sexually molested by an adult or is exposed to films that she shouldn't be exposed to at her age.Watch the video and see some of the reactions below Who daughter is this ‍‍— BlackEntertainment (@ILoveBeinBlack) January 22, 2019"I want you BAD"— Martin Maina (@iamthee_danger) January 23, 2019 

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