Noxiae: Nigeria's 1st Hotel Review Plaform (A Pure Gem)

Private and independently owned hotel review platform - officially launched on the 1st of January 2018 and is dedicated to personally searching across all hospitality structures in Nigeria; vetting standards and services rendered by hotels and offering feedback and reviews to the general public, to aid them in booking the perfect hotel.Founded by Daniel Godwin, a 25-year-old recent graduate of the University of Lagos and co-founded by his friends Kelvin Osuoji and Zichat Mamza. These young men are intensively combing through the Lagos city and Abuja; creating a platform of hotels which have agreed to be thoroughly reviewed and totally transparent. As well as assisting in all your luxury hospitality needs - Noxiae also takes into consideration import factors such as security measures and ultimately how safe a hotel really is to be recommended and considered a good hotel in Nigeria. The company will be expanding its review platform across to states such as: Enugu, Rivers, Owerri and Ibadan later in 2019.Daniel Godwin, spoke of his innovation being motivated by his personal dissatisfaction at proper hotel reviews services in Nigeria and the lack of a continuous check and balance system.  Noxiae, strives to ensure that the Nigerian locals, tourists and expatriates have enough credible and unbiased sources of updated information to make the right informed decisions regarding hotel choices - tailored to individual needs and preferences. Additionally, creating a reliable and dependable platform where people get nothing but the truth and proper value given to Nigerians.In its course of gradually covering grounds across Nigeria and doing the leg work for updated and truthful reviews, the company is also in partnership with Bon Hotels West Africa - a big hotel chain in Nigeria with hotels in the city of Abuja, Lagos, Delta and coming soon to Ibadan, Kaduna, Kano, Yola and Ekiti.For individuals pressed for time in making the perfect hotel choice tailored to personal needs and requirements, and/or planning a dream vacation / weekend escape, we advise you use the enquiry page on in touch with Noxiae at for the best deals and prices for rooms at Bon Hotels Nigeria and any other hospitality on the platformNOXIAE NIGERIAPhone: @noxiaehotelreview)(Twitter: @noxiae_)(Facebook: Noxiae)

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