R. Kelly Scandal: Nick Cannon and Damon Dash discuss Jay Z dating Foxy Brown when she was 16. Diddy also gets implicated for impregnating an underage girl (video)

Oh well. It just keeps getting messier.The whole world is criticizing R. Kelly for sexual misconduct but attention is now moving away from R. Kelly to other prominent artists who had intimate relations with underage girls, including Jay Z and Diddy.It all began with Nick Cannon having Damon Dash over on his show 'Cannon's Class'. During the show, Nick Cannon touched on R. Kelly and the sexual abuse scandal then asked Damon Dash, who founded Roc-A-Fella Records with Jay Z, about Jay Z and Foxy Browns relationship. Nick didn't ask directly. He simply asked Dash, "at what age was Foxy Brown signed."But Dash already knew where he was headed and he quickly became defensive and didn't want to answer.He said: "I wasn't paying attention to Foxy Brown." Then he raised his voice and gesticulated wildly as he added in apparent anger, "I didn't sign Foxy Brown."He then calmed down and said to Nick: "Don't beat around the bush. Say what you want to say. What did you mean by that question? What are you insinuating by asking about Foxy Brown."Nick replied: "I thought Foxy was like 16, that's all I'm saying."Damon Dash replied: "It seems like you've got a question for Jay."Damon Dash was referring to Jay Z who had a relationship with Foxy when she was signed at 16.But Nick spoke over him, saying: "All I'm saying is that in this industry we're living in glass houses."Nick's was trying to point out that R. Kelly isn't the only male artist guilty of having relationships with underage girls.But Dash, who was agitated at this point interrupted him, saying: "Y'all keep asking me questions y'all wanna ask him (Jay Z). Ask him cos I ain't here. I gat sh*t to do and I don't even know nothing about that."Nick Cannon shared the video with the caption:#CannonsClass is getting very interesting with @duskopoppington Romans 2:1 "When we pass judgement on someone else all you do is condemn yourself. For you who judge, practice the same sins." That's what y'all Bible say, is it true???  Instagram users quickly took to the comment section of Nick Cannon's post to point out that asides Jay Z, Diddy is also guilty of having sexual relations with an underage girl. They pointed out that Diddy got Misa Hylton pregnant when she was 16 and she had his son, Justin Dior Combs at 17. Misa Hylton also replied to the post.See the conversation below.   Below is the video.  #CannonsClass is getting very interesting with @duskopoppington Romans 2:1 "When we pass judgement on someone else all you do is condemn yourself. For you who judge, practice the same sins." That's what y'all Bible say, is it true???A post shared by NICK CANNON (@nickcannon) on Jan 9, 2019 at 9:34am PST

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