See the heartbreaking reply a teenager got from her mother after she reported that her stepdad had been raping her for 3 years

A teenager was continually raped by her stepfather from the time she was 14 till she was 17. When he finally died, she opened up to her mum and the reply she got is heartbreaking.@AlikDangot1 wrote: I shouldn't say this out but I guess I'm way over that shut...My step dad molested me from when I was 14 till 17 when he eventually died. I tried to tell my momma but I discovered she knew all along and she said that's the only way he agreed to pay my bills. But I'm over that.   The lady's tweet is a reply to the trending question on Twitter "O jewa ke eng ?" which translates to what's eating you up or what worries you. A lot of people have been sharing their stories in reply to that question and most of them are heartbreaking, showing you that a lot of unbelievable things are happening in this world.See another heartbreaking story below. 

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