Woman gets drugged and raped in a club packed full with revelers and no one paid attention as she called for help (+18 video)

An Atlanta woman is believed to have been raped in a nightclub and the video was circulated on Facebook.The unnamed woman was partying at Opera nightclub in Atlanta when the incident took place. She was livestreaming herself dancing at the club when the man began raping her as her Facebook friends watched.According to reports, the woman's drink was drugged with a particular drug, called ketamine, which social media users say men are now in the habit of using to spike women's drinks so as to rape them.In the Facebook live video, a man can be seen having sex with the woman from behind, while the woman, who seemed inebriated, kept saying "help me" and "stop". Though the club was packed full as the woman screamed, no one came to her rescue.The video is going viral online and has led to heated debates. Some say it was clearly rape. They also added that a drunk woman can't give consent. But some say it wasn't rape because there were lots of people in the club and there's no way everyone there would have ignored her cry for help if she was really getting raped. Some social media users have gone to dig out the Instagram account of the man who allegedly raped her and 4 more women have come out to say that the guy did the same thing to them. They claim they recognize him with the jewellery he wore in the video. The man is a 24-year-old Ex Navy military, according to social media users.  According to someone who claimed to watch the whole rape video, some pills were put in the woman's drink, after which she lost control of her senses. But some said that she looked like she was having fun in the full video. The incident is trending online with the hashtag #OperaNightClub.  Responding to the incident, the Atlanta Police Department released the following statement: Early Sunday morning, APD began receiving calls about a Facebook Live video that appears to show a woman being sexually assaulted in a local nightclub. Our Special Victims Unit made contact with the victim today, and an investigation into the matter has been opened. The investigation continues. Opera nightclub also reacted to the incident. They released a statement which reads: The disturbing matter that occured last night has been brought to our attention, and we are working as diligently as possible in full cooperation with local law enforcement.  Below are some social media reactions. Also below are the video of the alleged rape and another that shows the woman partying before the rape began.  Videos below:  

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