VIDEO: If 'sango' was powerful, why didn't he supply us electricity - Pastor Sam Adeyemi blasts traditional gods

The pastor of Daystar Christian Centre Sam Adeyemi recently got the attention of Nigerians after he made a statement which criticised traditional gods in Nigeria. The man of God made this statement during a service in his church.

Sam Adeyemi was trying to make a point of saying that the fear in humans was merely self-orchestrated and constructed by our culture.

He made a point of saying that due to the local gods promoted and advanced by culture, fear has been thoroughly passed down from human to human. It is with reference to this that he made a point of talking about Sango.

According to him, if Sango was as powerful as people have believed him to be, he would have supplied people electricity long before it was invented.

This direct inference to electricity must come from the fact that Sango is believed to be the god of lightning and thunder.

The popular cleric slammed belief in the deities as national foolishness, wondering why despite all their powers, the idols were colonised by the white man and they couldn’t do a thing.

Although Sam Adeyemi's church members were thrilled to hear him talk like that, many Nigerians were not particularly enthused by his statement.

In his words;

“You were only raised on a culture of fear. There is nothing, absolutely nothing. You are afraid of Sango, if Sango was that powerful why did he not supply electricity to our cities? Nonsense.

It’s amasing how we have national foolishness, you believe in Sango. I was discussing with one of us some days ago, and he said we believe in Sango, Sanpona and that they are powerful and as powerful as they are they could not give us electricity.

The whiteman came and colonise Sango, Sanpona, and all of them and they could not stop the whiteman.

Foolish idols, you better throw them away.”

There you have it. Over to the gods…

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